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What is therapy?

Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort based upon the relationship between an individual and a clinician. Therapists apply evidence and research-based practices to assist clients with developing more effective habits. A clinician provides a supportive environment and the opportunity to speak with someone who is objective, neutral, and non-judgmental.

What is our approach to therapy?

There are many different approaches to therapy. Clinicians at Atlas BHW to work from an eclectic orientation, meaning he utilizes interventions and concepts from various modalities, including cognitive-behavioral, solution-focused, and trauma-informed therapy. Some of our licensed providers are heavily influenced by psychodynamic theory, which focuses on the psychological roots of emotional suffering.

It is our position that therapy can be beneficial for almost anyone. In fact, many therapists are in some form of therapy

Clients are free to bring up whatever topics they want to discuss in therapy on a given day, and information covered in therapy is completely confidential. There are a few exceptions to this rule, which will be discussed with you during the intake (first) session. Clinicians at Atlas BHW do not typically aim to offer advice, but assists clients with self-reflection and self-examination to help them reach goals they have set for themselves. Most clients will meet with their clinician on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Will you prescribe medication?

Atlas BHW does not currently offer psychiatric or medication management services.

How long does therapy take?

It is a little difficult to answer this question because it depends on many different factors, including the therapeutic relationship, client’s commitment to therapy, symptom severity, among other considerations.

How do I pay for therapy sessions?

Atlas BHW accepts various forms of insurance, including: Anthem, Optima, Cigna and Aetna.

For those without insurance, self-pay as well as sliding scale options are also available. In accordance with the recently passed No Surprises Act, all fees will be discussed up front, prior to services being rendered.

Sliding scale options are also available.

When will the costs be discussed?

In accordance with the recently passed No Surprises Act, all fees will be discussed up front, prior to services being rendered.

Do you offer Telemental Health?

Telemental Health is provided solely to residents of the state of Virginia.

Do you provide training for students and graduates?

At Atlas, we believe in lifelong learning. We proudly provide opportunities for Master, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral students and graduates.

Any services rendered by an intern or student is closely supervised by a Licensed Clinical or Psychologist.

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