Psychosexual Evaluations

Psychosexual evaluation is an assessment process that focuses on aspects of one’s sexuality and potential risk factors of sexual deviance. The purpose of the evaluation is NOT to determine if someone is guilty of a sex crime, and is used to determine appropriate supports that may be needed to prevent any future risky sexual behaviors.

Outcomes from the evaluation are often used to:

  • Recommend focus areas of treatment or therapy
  • Identify potential risk to the community
  • Determine the risk of sexual and non-sexual behaviors and their patterns if any
  • Assess populations at risk through contact ( such as contact with minors )
  • Provide suggestions on appraiser programs or supports that may be needed

While some adults and juveniles may be court-ordered to have a psychosexual evaluation, we also conduct evaluations for people who are not involved in the judicial system. The evaluation takes place over 2 to 3 appointments and can include collaborative interviews with other providers ( family members, therapists, probation officers etc.) This service is not covered by insurance; however, a sliding scale may be available.

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